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Compact but robust, it offers high maneuverability and ensures high reliability during work. Compared to the standard Kubota SE2000 chopper, the SE2000P allows major offset ability (1255mm) and reaches positions and working angles impossible to get with similar equipment.
In addition the SE2000P allows to be combined with a front mounted chopper (SE4000 or SE6000), so the working coverage is optimized and maximized without any overlap.

Lateral transmission: The transmission is based on a gearbox with integrated freewheel (up to 150hp) and 2 lateral pulleys which drive 5 belts. An automatic spring loaded belts tensioner always ensures stable rotor transmission. As standard equipment, the SE2000P is offered with double wide angle pto shaft in order to get best performances and comfort during utilization.


  • For tractors up to 150hp
  • Compact heavy-duty machine
  • Versatile in all conditions due to extremely efficient articulation (-65° & +90°)
  • Solid construction for long life (double skin)
  • Minimal maintenance requirement and low costs
  • Standard rotor for a wide choice of blades
  • Self-cleaning roller with big diameter (195mm)
  • Oil accumulator as standard prevent damages in case of obstacle collision
  • Automatic belts tensioner always ensure correct tension and no maintenance